the feeling feeling

grief, it is such a funny thing.
it is such a feeling feeling.
you cannot help but … feel it. and feel it with every fibre of your being; every hair on your body raised; shivery; the choking feeling of it in your throat, your lungs; every muscle tense, aching, strained; hands warm because the blood burns through you.
your eyes leak and your nose runs and the emotion — just the raw intensity of feeling the feeling — courses through you in all its violence. and suddenly it is gone. it has trickled out of your pores and you are left weak and tingling and empty: your cheeks still wet, your nose still running, your heart still sore.


• ❥

“I mean to ‘keep an open-mind’, in a general sense.

it’s easy for any side of an issue/any group to become limited to a narrower version of the world because that is the ‘side’ they are living; consequently the things they believe match with that or support that reality.

so, when I say open-mind, the term is intricately linked with empathy.

human beings need to try to understand where other human beings are coming from.”
• ❥ = caption (or rant) copied straight from my instagram.