#2: a quote 

— from an intelligent girl I call a friend “I’ve learnt that people hyperbolise, generalise and cherry pick information to suit them. And disregard emotion in the meantime.” Advertisements

dialogue snip: 2

“You throw like a girl.” “You make insults like a loser who cannot come up with a better insult.”

#1: a quote

— from a boy my age that I found sad.  “I am fully aware of how fucked the world is but I am not going to do anything about it because that requires effort.” 

the feeling feeling

grief, it is such a feeling feeling. you cannot help but feel it. and feel it with every fibre of your being; every hair on your body raised; shivery; the choking feeling of it in your throat, your lungs; every muscle tense, aching, strained; hands warm because the blood burns through you. your eyes leak and…


• ❥ “I mean to ‘keep an open-mind’, in a general sense. it’s easy for any side of an issue/any group to become limited to a narrower version of the world because that is the ‘side’ they are living; consequently the things they believe match with that or support that reality. so, when I say…

dialogue snip: 1

“You’re cute,” he said.  “Don’t call me cute,” she told him. “I am not cute.” “Okay, you’re ugly.” She raised her eyebrows. “I am not something for you to comment on.”