nighttime waters

swimming in fragments of poetry.


shard, #1


gristly red dirt in toes


eyelashes that catch teardrops.

her voice

was like  rust  and dust  and stinging fragments of glass.  husks of broken nuts;  the cracking,  creaking  breath of the wind.  shallow puddles  and the water that trickles over  sharp, uneven rocks. 

w aves

the sound of the sea.  is a lullaby to me. 

of a man who died in a song.

“there was once this man, a golden man, a molten man, who died in a song. and the golden man, the olden man, dying, sung along.”


she  sinks  into the river,  letting the water lick  lick over her.  icy  tongues  of current run along her skin.  she rests her face on the surface,  eyes closed,  lips  and nose  submerged.  then she realises she is not breathing  so she allows her body to float and return  to the blinding  world.

wisps of words

When the birds fly, And the leaves die, I will wait for you: Until the sun sets, And the stars rise. I give one night, ‘Fore dying light, No longer I wait: The sun burns new; My mind too bright.

the feeling feeling

grief, it is such a feeling feeling. you cannot help but feel it. and feel it with every fibre of your being; every hair on your body raised; shivery; the choking feeling of it in your throat, your lungs; every muscle tense, aching, strained; hands warm because the blood burns through you. your eyes leak and…

moon boy

the boy was like moonshine the girl like a sunbeam, bright burning from afar they glimpsed each other at dawn and in pondering dusk the frosty stars were his company hers, none the sky they shared for both, the clouds were messengers yet they knew nothing

girl / horse

there was a girl and by night she was a wild equine her hooves thundering into black dust shards of moonlight in her mane nostrils flared flanks heaving the air icy in her lungs beneath a pelt the colour of charcoal her muscles flowed her eyes were starry and dark recklessly, the girl/horse galloped through…

dawn flower

the bloodred petals of the dawn flower stain the nighttime; tenderly leaching its darkness. its petals swallow the stars, one by one; streak colour through the horizon; seep deeply into the inky sky, seducing the moon. the bloodred petals of the dawn flower betray the nighttime to the sun.