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#4: a quote

— from someone passionate “I fear a life where I only exist. I want to taste, see, hear, feel things with every fibre of my being. I want to make a difference and I want to set others alight with the desire to change this world.”

 #3: a quote 

— found on the internet “an apple a day keeps anyone away if you throw hard enough.”

#2: a quote 

— from an intelligent girl I call a friend “I’ve learnt that people hyperbolise, generalise and cherry pick information to suit them. And disregard emotion in the meantime.”

#1: a quote

— from a boy my age that I found sad.  “I am fully aware of how fucked the world is but I am not going to do anything about it because that requires effort.” 

fluroescent: indie ‘n’ surf

aleven11: @ellenfisher made me this much needed epic huge smoothie! I was having major smoothie withdrawals after not really having a proper smoothie in 2 weeks!!! 🙀 and this one hit the spot like you wouldn’t believe. Bananas, frozen mango, sugar cane juice and collard greens.

musts: Beauty of the tea house by Yasuhiko Yarimizu Japan

surf-fear: photo by Ryan Miller Jordy Smith